International Courses in Architecture and Urban Systems, Graduate School of Human Environment Studies, Kyushu University

Dedicated to research and education in sustainable built environment and urban systems.

Sustainable architecture and urban systems

Developing low-carbon and resource-efficient buildings and urban centers is becoming extremely important in the background of the ever-increasing consumption of natural resources. Our master’s and doctoral courses provide students with opportunities to work up advanced knowledge and skills required to find innovative solutions for those needs. Our courses consist of urban and architectural design studios, workshops, lectures, and seminars to improve the professional skills of our students. With our diverse resources, we are offering unique research opportunities in architectural design, building environment, structural mechanics, urban design, regional planning, and disaster management.

The international master’s and doctoral courses in sustainable architecture and urban systems are provided by the department of urban design, planning, and disaster management and the department of architecture. These courses were developed to promote multiple disciplinary research and education of sustainable architecture and urban systems. These courses offer research opportunities on a wide range of topics. Students will be able to complete their doctorate and master's studies mainly in the English language. In addition to the courses offered in English, there are many attractive courses offered in Japanese. Students are highly recommended to take advantage of the opportunities to take these courses as well.

  • Graduate School of Human Environment Studies, Kyushu University
  • Department of Urban Design, Planning and Disaster Management, Department of Architecture
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