Sustainable Design Camp 2023 – サステナブルデザインキャンプ2023

August 2-9, 2023, at Kyushu University Ito Campus
Participating Universities: Texas A & M University, Chinese Culture University, Busan National University, Tianjin University, Chungbuk National University, National Ilan University, Kyushu University
Cosponsored by: Q-AOS, BeCAT, Organization for Promotion Academic City by Kyushu University, and Itoshima City

The Sustainable Design Camp 2023 had aimed to create a range of urban design ideas for small and scenic villages along the rural south edge of the Itoshima Peninsula. The south part of the Itoshima peninsula had been dotted with historic villages with farms and forests connected by natural trails. How could we link these small economic hubs with the rest of the peninsula and boost their economic potential? How could our design ideas relate to the Kyushu University Academic City plan? These were some of the questions students had explored while making urban design ideas.
In the Sustainable Design Camp workshop, students had collaborated in groups with different backgrounds and nationalities to make urban design ideas. During the Sustainable Design Camp workshop, seven interdisciplinary and international student groups had proposed a series of urban design proposals.