International Courses in Architecture and Urban Systems, Graduate School of Human Environment Studies, Kyushu University

Sustainable Design Camp and Summer School Program 2021

Itoshima coastal area
Itoshima coastal area

August 2 to August 10 at Ito Campus
This year, the Sustainable Design Camp took the challenge of revitalizing popular local beachfront recreation spots in Itoshima and making it a holiday spot. This short and intensive urban design workshop has attracted the attention of many universities in recent years. Nine universities participated in the sustainable design camp in 2019. The program has also been the summer school course of the double-degree program organized by Tongji University, Pusan National University, and Kyushu University since 2017.
Annually, around 80 students and 20 professors gather for 10 days at Kyushu University and develop an urban design scheme. Those exchanges have allowed our students to learn from each other. Professors shared their expertise and experience with other faculty members as well as students. The public presentations of the output allowed a larger audience to join those discussions on urban design and urban sustainability. We relied on those discussions both organized and casual for the success of the sustainable design camp. The Corona outbreak presented us with the challenge of organizing the sustainable design camp for the second time without being able to gather at one location. The team at Kyushu University managed to organize it with success. Our experience of organizing online courses, particularly online studio classes helped us this year. We also must give students credit for the success of the program in 2021.

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