International Courses in Architecture and Urban Systems, Graduate School of Human Environment Studies, Kyushu University


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Department of urban design, planning, and disaster management

Name Research Subjects
Professor Shigetomo Kikuchi 1) Spatial Composition of Traditional Japanese Village
2) Dwelling Cultures and Housing Systems in East Asia
3) Sustainable Management and Regeneration of Residential Area
Professor Hirofumi Minami 1) Social Ecology of Children’s Place Experiences in the City
2) Urban Psychology in Asian Region
3) Theory of Environmental Psychology from Transactional Viewpoint
Professor Takeru Sakai 1) Evaluation of Landscape and Development of Viewpoint Search Method
2) Environment Development by the Collaboration of City and University
3) Development of Communication Environment in the Urban Area
Professor Chikako Toma 1) Designing Community Practice for Supporting Individual and Relational Development Across Life-Span
2) Experience -Based Childrearing Support Practice Responding to the Urgent Needs and Problems of Parents and Children
3) Supporting Development of Children, Parents (Adults), and Community
4) Designing Developmental Support Practice for Children and Adults in Various Social Nursing Care Settings
Professor Tatsuo Kanno 1) Estimation of Underground Structures and Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motions
2) Development of Empirical Equations for Estimation of Seismic Intensity Index
3) Prediction of Strong Ground Motions for Earthquake Resistant Design
Associate Professor Shichen Zhao 1) Investment Environment Improvement for Urban Renewal
2) Network Analysis on Moving Potential in Urban Area
3) Spatial Compositions and Deciphering Elements of Landscape Paintings
4) Formation and Urban Space Transition of Japanese Concessions in China
Associate Professor Naoki Tsurusaki 1) Sustainable Urban Redevelopment Design
2) Strategic Master Plan and Design for Campus
3) Regional Management by Collaborative Planning between Campus and City
Associate Professor Tadashi Seike 1) A Consideration on Decision Making Method of Earthquake Disaster Prevention
2) A Consideration on Risk Recognition and Information Disclosure in the Disaster Problem
3) The Evaluation of Natural Disaster Damage
Associate Professor Prasanna Divigalpitiya 1) Indicators of Urban Sustainability
2) Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Planning and Design
3) Modeling Urban Environment Systems
Associate Professor Takefumi Kurose 1) Regeneration of Brownfield sites, waterfronts and Industrial cities
2) Design and management of privately owned public spaces
3) Urban planning and design of Shrinking cities

Department of architecture

Name Research Subjects
Professor Yoshiki Hori 1) Architecture and Urbanization in Ancient Roman Cities; Pompeii and Ostia
2) Ancient Quarries in the Middle Egypt
3) Excavation of an Early Byzantine Church in Tokra, Libya
Professor Akihiko Kawano 1) Research on Strength and Deformability of Steel Structures and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures
2) Seismic-Response Control Design for Multi-Story Buildings
3) Performance-Based Design for Concrete-Filled Tubular Structures
Professor Toshihiko Ninakawa 1) Influence of Structural Design on the Building Process
2) Seismic Design of Steel Concrete Composite Structures
Professor Akihito Ozaki 1) Prediction and Evaluation of Hydrothermal Environment of Buildings
2) Integrated Analysis of Highly-Efficient Building Equipment System
3) Proposition of Advanced Energy Conservation Buildings Utilizing Renewable Energy
Associate Professor Kaoru Suehiro 1) The Conversion Design Methodology Characterized by the Structural Virtue
2) The Design Development of the Monolithic Wooden Architecture
3) The Philosophy and the Contemporary Possibility of Dutch Structuralism
Associate Professor Tsutomu Shiga 1) Sustainable Community Design
2) Improvement Program of Densely-Inhabited Area
3) Improvement Program of Slope Residential Area
Associate Professor Yasuko Koga 1) Investigation into Non-Image-Forming Visual Functions
2) Evidence-Based Design of Luminous Environment in Hospitals
3) Luminous Environment Design in View of Human Factors in Lighting
4) Development of a Comprehensive Evaluation System for Luminous Environment
Associate Professor Tomoyuki Koyama 1) Hot Weather Concreting
2) Effective and Large Quantity Use of By-Products into Concrete
3) Durability Design of Concrete Exposed in Various Conditions
Associate Professor Kentaro Yamaguchi 1) Structural System for Deconstruction and Material Reuse
2) Damping Wall by Friction-Resistant Dry-Masonry Structure
3) Utilization of Nonstructural Concrete Wall as Sustainable Damping Wall
4) Seismic Retrofit of Tabriz Bazaar Proposed for World Heritage Site in Iran
5) Long Term Maintenance Schedule of Wooden Structure Through the Site Investigation of Old Buildings
Associate Professor Daisuke Sumiyoshi 1) Development of urban CO2 emission estimation model until 2050
2) Effective usage of the fuel cell system for residential housings
3) Operation optimization of air-conditioning system
4) Development the design method of air-conditioning system
Associate Professor Shintaro Matsuo 1) Seismic design method for beam-to-column connections of steel structures and CFT structures
2) Development of non-welding connection system by new steel materials
3) Connection or joint of CFT structures by built-in reinforcing bars and high strength steel
4) Structural performance of CFT members or connections by high strength steel built up by under-matched welding
Associate Professor Toshiaki Sato 1) Performance evaluation of long span timber structure
2) Structural health monitoring for traditional timber buildings
3) Seismic design method for wooden houses with passive control systems