Department of Architecture and RIEAE will jointly organizes the 2014 design camp  in Dhaka Bangladesh with the collaboration of BUET University from 16th August.

You can download applications for sustainable design 2012 from web site.


Theory of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism – 2012 class will start from 4/12 Thursday from 14:50pm at Lecture room 1 (Ken 1). Please join for fist lecture and introduction to the class.

Download class poster

Public review of International Practice and Sustainable Design Camp programs conducted in 2011 will be held  at department of architecture and urban planning.

Date: Monday 22nd December

Time: 17:00 to 20:00

Place: Lecture room 1 Department of Architecture (Ken 1)



(download the Poster)

Opening remarks 1700 ~ Professor Akashi

International Practice


1705 ~

Study Overseas

University of Melbourne, Australia

International Internship

Surbana Corporation Pvt.Ltd. Singapore

Arup, Hong Kong, China

Sustainable Design Camp





Fukuoka Design Camp

Korean Design Camp

Sri Lanka Design Camp

Closing remarks 1950~ Professor Deguchi University of Tokyo


Sustainable design camp 2011 proposed a sustainable township for Wanathamulla  low income settlement in City of Colombo  Sri Lanka.  This camp was held at University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka with the participation of students and faculty members of department of Architecture and Planning of Kyushu University,  Research Institute for East Asia Environments of Kyushu University and the Department of Architecture of University of Moratuwa.  pictures

Kyushu University is recruiting research assistants in order to promote research and education of doctoral and masters students in “Sustainable Architecture and Urban system”.  Terms of employment and application forms can be down loaded from following link.




Sustainable Design Camp 2011 – international, will start from August 28 at Faculty of Architecture University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. The first study session is planned for July 22, from 18:00 to 20:00 at SAUS building 2fl.

Application deadline for the 2011(entrance in October) International Doctoral Course of Sustainable Architecture and Urban Systems by  Department of Urban Design, Planning, and Disaster Management, and the Department of Architecture is Wednesday, June 29, 2011. You can download application forms and instructions from this web site.  Download

Call for Applications: “Study Abroad” and “Internship Abroad 2011” Deadline 17:00PM, May 13, 2011

Students who are interested in the program are requested to submit the Research Sheet [FORM 2] to Common laboratory of Sustainable Architecture and Urban Systems before the deadline. Application forms and instructions can be down loaded from

持続都市建築システムに関連する海外留学と海外インターンシップを実施します。参加希望者もしくは関心がある者は下記ホームページにて海外留学と海 外インターンシップの希望調査用紙をダウンロードし、必要事項を記入の上、締切り厳守で持続都市建築システム共同研究室に提出して下さい。

Guidance program for 2011-2012 international master and doctoral course students entering April 2011 will be held on 8th April. The program will start at 2.00 PM in lecture room 1(ken 1) and followed by the guidance program of sustainable architecture and urban systems program.

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