Theory of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism – 2013 lecture cerise started from 10/8 Thursday from 10:30am at Lecture room 3 (Ken 3).



Birds eye view of design camp sites

The research camp program annually organized in Fukuoka was held recently in Kyushu University. This program was designed to build practical skills coupled with expose to professional approaches in urban design and planning. The theme of this year’s program was “Creation of Green Compact City of Fukuoka”. Students from the background of urban planning, Architecture, Structural Engineering and disaster management from Kyushu University and Chinese Culture University took part in this year  in a 10 day program ended in 10th September.

Theory of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism – 2012 class will start from 4/12 Thursday from 14:50pm at Lecture room 1 (Ken 1). Please join for fist lecture and introduction to the class.


Planning Support Systems and decision making in urban sustainability

Prasanna Divigalpitiya


Urban planning and uncertainty

Prasanna Divigalpitiya


Behavioral approach to the sustainability of urban environments

Hirofumi Minami


Design and technological possibility of the new wooden architecture

Kaoru Suehiro


A short introduction to the living tradition of Architecture in Japan

Yoshiki Hori


Japanese urban issues and sustainability

Takafumi Arima


Structural system for deconstruction and material reuse.

Kentaro Yamaguchi


Common technologies of seismic retrofit

Hiroyuki Nakahara


Urban Energy Systems and Sustainability

Yasunori Akashi


Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency

Yasuko Koga


Sustainable campus design for contributing to enhancement of urban sustainability

Naoki Tsurusaki


Seismic Activity in Japan

Tatsuo Kanno


Japanese Housing History after the World War II

Ken Shibata


Energy saving and CO2 reduction in architecture

Daisuke Sumiyoshi


Sustainability for whom, by whom, and how ? : Approach from a perspective based on developmental psychology.

Chikako Toma

Public review of International Practice and Sustainable Design Camp programs conducted in 2011 will be held  at department of architecture and urban planning.


Professor Sun Yuping form Faculty of engineering, Kobe University gave three lectures for International masters course on  17th and 18th of November. In his lectures, professor  Sun Yuping introduced earth quack resistant building code in Japan and modern retrofiring techniques for existing structures.

Lecture titles

1.  Seismic evaluation of existing concrete buildings

2. Seismic retrofit of existing concrete structures

3. Performance of Retrofitted Concrete Buildings during  the 3-11 Eastern Japan Mega-Earthquake


Dr. Victor Sampebulu from Department of Architecture, Hasanuddin University, gave three lecture in 2011 Seminar in Advanced theory of Habitat Analysis lecture sires to masters students on
13 and 19th October. He shared his extensive experience in structural engineering, architecture and urban design with international masters students.

Lecture titles

1. Rusunawa, 5 story Building of Low-Cost Housing in Indonesia, Design and Construction Using Precast Concrete Components.
2. Tongkonan and Traditional Architecture of Torajaya in Indonesia
3. Building and Environmental Planning in Indonesia. Case Studies: Toraja Culture and Fishermen Settlement.


Fist lecture will start on 13 th October  in Lecture room 1(健1) on 14:50

Title: Rusunawa, 5 story building of low-cost housing in Indonesia; Design building and construction

lecturer: Prof., Victor Sampebulu Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University,Indonesia.
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Sustainable Design Camp 2011 visit to Karadiyana waste disposal site



Sustainable Design Camp 2011 final presentation at University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka


International Master’s Course in Sustainable Architecture and Urban System 2011 First Semester Lectures

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